About us

Our team of full qualified engineers offer a comprehensive range of services including general plumbing requirements, central heating installations & maintenance, boiler servicing and repairs in commercial, home and new build.

  • All General Plumbing repairs and installation.
  • Domestic and commercial
  • Boiler repair, installation and service.
  • Central heating design and install for existing premises and for new build.
  • Bathroom (and wet room) installation and renovation.
  • Mains and LPG Gas heating service and installation.
  • Wood pellet and wood chip boiler supplier and installer.
  • Air source heat pump supply and installation.
  • Solar hot water systems.
  • Installation and maintenance Geo-thermal (Ground source).
  • Swimming pool heating systems.
  • Stockist Verdo wood pellets

M.H.Scargill & Son Ltd and Green Energy

Whether you have aspirations towards eco-warrior or are simply looking for a new heating system using one of the green energy solutions has a lot going for it. Fossil fuels are becoming more expensive and are set to rise even more and the UK government is commiitted over the next few years to encouraging use of green energy via various grants and payment tariffs. Electricity generation systems such as solar PV and wind turbines are already benefitting from the feed-in tariffs, commercial biomass systems are receiving payments under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and domestic systems are due to benefit from RHI payments in Spring 2013.

Even without a subsidy, renewable energy solutions make commercial as well as environmental sense over the use of fossil fuels. For example with oil prices at 65p/litre and wood pallet at £220/tonne cost per kWhr is 6.5p and 4.6p respectively, representing a 30% reduction in heating costs with little or no difference in convenience of operation

The choice of renewable sysem system can very much depend on the application. Different factors to consider will be new or existing property and what are the insulation factors of the building? If the boiler needs to feed into a radiator or underfloor heating system? How much available space is there outside the property? M.H.Scargill and Son Ltd can guide you through all the factors you need to consider and assist you in making the best choice for your situation.

M.H.Scargill and Son Ltd believe the choice of system is not the only factor in delivering the best solution for your situation. Choosing a contractor with the experience and back-up service to ensure the system is installed to specification, time and budget is equally important. Our team of highly trained technicians and our ability to not only deliver the boiler but to deliver the whole system and all your plumbing requirements.

Give us a call on 01263 741353 or email us for an in depth look at applying alternative energy solutions into your premises.