Wood for Heating

As a source of domestic or commercial heating using wood has a number of significant advantages to traditional fossil fuels
  • Wood harvested from sustainably managed forests is virtually carbon neutral.
  • Wood fuel can povide a significant cost saving as an energy source
  • The UK government is committed to biomass energy through the RHPP (Renewable Heat Premium Payment) and the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive)
  • A wood fuelled boiler is a direct replacement for a standard gas or oil boiler as a heat source for (existing) radiators or underfloor system.

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Comparison of costs

Fuel Price per unit kWh per unit pence per KWh
Wood chips (30% MC) £100 per tonne 3,500 kWh/t 2.9p/kWh
Wood pellets £200 per tonne 4,800 kWh/t 4.2p/kWh
Natural gas 4.8p/kWh 1 4.8p/kWh
Heating oil 60p per litre 10 kWh/ltr 6.0p/kWh
LPG (bulk) 50p per litre 6.6 kWh/ltr 7.6p/kWh
Electricity 14.5p/kWh 1 14.5p/kWh


Suitability of a wood fuel heating system

Choice of fuel

Wood fuel splits broadly into 3 types: Wood Chip, Wood Pellet and Logs. Wood chip is the cheapest of the three, but needs handling in bulk, making it much more suitable for commercial and agricultural applications where there is suitable handling equipment and space for storage. Wood chip boilers are normally fully automated and are automatically fed from an auger from mass storage. Wood Pellet is the most convenient and therefore the fuel of choice for most domestic situations. Wood pellet boilers can be fed from a bulk fuel hopper or fed by hand to a bulk tank from 10kg bags. Again wood pellet boilers can be fully automated, lighting under demand and supplying variable heat as required with automatic cleaning and ash expallation. Logs are typically burned in a Log Gasification Boiler, meaning the logs are super-heated and largely turned to a wood gas which is burned. Log boilers are hand fed and will require a decent amount of storage space and a regular supply of dry wood.


Before embarking on a wood based fuel alternative there are some specific requirements. Wood boilers are larger than their oil or gas equivalents requiring suitable space. There also needs to be a storage area available for keeping fuel. By nature wood boilers require a suitable insulated flue, which may in turn require planning consent. M.H.Scargill & Son Ltd can assist you with a feasibility study and guide you through the legislative processes

M.H.Scargill & Son Ltd recommended manufacturers.

GILLES manufacture both wood chip and wood pellet boilers for both the commercial markets and the domestic markets in a huge range of different outputs, from 12.5kW right up to 900kW.

Manufactured in Austria GILLES and extremely well built these boilers are fitted with automatic ash removal and can be specified with auger feeds and sophisticated control systems. The Container Heating System also provides a solution where there is inadequate building capacity available to house the boiler.

Windhager have been producing boilers since 1921 and the name is now synonymous with the quality you would expect from one of the leading manufacturers of biomass boilers based in Austria.

Windhager have invested heavily in the renewable market and now produce a range of environmentally friendly heating systems geared to modern installations. Windhager have above all established a reputation as specialists in wood-pellet heating systems.

  • Full range of Wood Pellet boilers to suit most domestic installation requirements.
  • Available with automatic pellet feed systems.
  • Log Gasification boilers boilers to suit most domestic installation requirements.
  • Austrian build quality.
  • Sustainable energy solution – eligible for the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive scheme).
  • Winhager UK offer a professional design service





REKA multi-burners are manufactured in Denmark and have been in production for over 25 years. Reka are a low maintenance cost effective boiler for both domestic and commercial applications. REKA will burn a wide range of materials including wood-chip and wood pellet as well as brash, straw, waste grain, OSR, my-acanthus..

A highly versatile solution from 22 – 250kW and capable of burning bio-fuel with moisture content up to 55%. The versatility and range of feed systems and additional features making the REKA suitable for homes, offices, schools, plant nurseries, swimming pools, workshops etc.