Verdo Renewables bagged wood pellets stockist.

M.H.Scargill & Son are offical suppliers of 10kg Verdo bagged wood pellets for use in wood pellet boilers and stoves.

Verdo wood pellets are the first product to be awarded the latest European Standard ENPlus and our experience has demontrated these are one of the best pellets available on the UK market today. Packed in 10kg bags for easy handling and burning exceptionally clean with typical ash production at < 0.7%

We can supply by the 10kg bag or by the 960kg pallet (96 x 10kg). Available for collection or we can arrange delivery.

Costs depend on quantity and location – please contact us on 01263 741353 for a quote


Calorific Value 4,800kWhr/tonne
Ash < 0.7%
Moisture < 10%
Diameter 6mm
Average Length ≤ 30 mm
Sulphur < 0.05%
Fines < 1.0%
Mechanical Durability > 97.5%
Bulk Density 650kg/m3